Landing pages

Getting traffic to your landing page is a fairly easy task, but keeping people engaged and leading them to the conversion you require is a different matter altogether.

Your landing page should contain a clear, straightforward explanation that’s geared towards showing people the value they will gain from opting in.

Before you start

The main thing to bear in mind is there is no one-size-fits-all solution here. Each page has a different goal, audience, product or service, and serves a different niche and industry.

Essential elements of a landing page

Forget clickbait. Your visitors have already found their way to your website. You’re no longer fighting for their attention; you already have it. The key here is enticing them to stay and read on.

A landing page is designed to accomplish a specific conversion goal

Frequently, designers fall back on the age-old method of adding ‘lorem ipsum’ to a site while in the initial design stages, simply because it’s convenient. Then they swap it out for the real thing before the site goes live.